Couple Who Saved Dangling Cat From Stadium Fall Say it Peed on Crowd

Couple Who Saved Dangling Cat From Stadium Fall Say it Peed on Crowd


Dangling from the nosebleeds at a college football game was enough to scare the crap piss outta one very lucky cat … according to the couple who saved the feline with a U.S. flag.

Kimberly and Craig Cromer are the heroes who pulled off the rescue mission during Saturday’s University of Miami football game, and Monday on “TMZ Live” they told us they just happened to be in regular-season seats … AKA right place, right time.

Craig says Kimberly brings their American flag to display whenever “Da U.” has a home game — and luckily for the cat from this viral video, it ended up dangling right over the Cromers.

Craig and Kim say the kitty definitely knew it was in danger as it dangled from the stadium’s upper deck — and they know this because it started peeing in a steady stream on everyone down below.

If ya missed it … the falling cat bounced off the flag and survived, making the crowd go wild.

Sounds like the Cromers weren’t the only heroes here … they say some UM students had another flag under theirs, which helped cushion the cat’s fall even more.

The cat’s whereabouts are unclear and while the Cromers say they’d take it in, they also explained why their home might not be the best fit.

Not for a cat running low on lives, anyway!

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