Country star Kane Brown returns to his hometown to give back: 'I grew up in a rough place'

Country star Kane Brown returns to his hometown to give back: 'I grew up in a rough place'


Kane Brown launches ‘100 Hometowns’ to help rebuild communities

Country music star teams up with Lowe’s to fix up his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee and launches a campaign to beautify neighborhoods across the country; FOX’s Ashley Dvorkin has the story

Country music star Kane Brown is giving back to his hometown.

The singer-songwriter has teamed up with Lowe’s to fix up multiple buildings in Chattanooga, Tenn., which is part of the company’s new campaign, called “100 Hometowns.” The project aims to beautify neighborhoods across the country after so many businesses have faced hard times because of the ongoing pandemic. 

Brown spoke to Fox News about what it means to him to be able to help others in need, especially the Boys & Girls Clubs.

“Lowe’s is going to help me fix it up. They’re going to tear down walls, paint walls, they’re going to just make it a whole new place for these kids to become friends and just have a safe place to visit,” he explained. 

It’s a place Kane wishes he had while growing up. “I grew up in a rough place, so I wish I had something like that. That’s why I got so close to the Boys & Girls Club over the past couple of years. So I’m just so excited that Lowe’s is reaching out and helping them,” the 27-year-old said. 

Lowe’s is committing $10 million to communities by awarding grants to help recipients complete projects to build, repair, beautify, and improve 100 neighborhoods across America. 

Kane Brown (R) and Katelyn Jae (L) married in 2018 and welcomed their daughter in 2019. 
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“I just wish there was that one person that would have reached out and helped my mom when she was struggling or, or held my Nana when she was struggling and just kind of been there for us,” Brown said.

The CMT award-winner added how when he returned home, the town embraced him. 


“They’re always there for me so it felt great to be able to go back and just to see family again. That’s what it is all about,” he said. 

Brown also reflected on what quarantining with his family over the past year has been like. He and his wife, Katelyn Jae, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kingsley Rose in October 2019. 

Kane Brown teamed up with Lowe’s to help rebuild his hometown of Chattanooga, Tenn. 
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“We’re literally together 24/7. I mean, [Kingsley’s] here with me right now in Chattanooga down on the tour bus,” he said. “Even when I go back on the road, she’s still going to be out with us. So it’s great just being able to have them together all the time.”


“I love the time that I’ve gotten to spend with my family. It couldn’t have come at a better time because, of course, we had Kingsley, and then it was quarantine,” Brown said. 

“So that was awesome to just share that year with her but I’m ready to get her out [on the road] so she can see what her daddy does.”

FOX’s Liza Aristizabal contributed to this report.

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