Casey Affleck Spotted On Ice Cream Date With Girlfriend Amid Missing Brother Ben Affleck's Wedding!

Casey Affleck Spotted On Ice Cream Date With Girlfriend Amid Missing Brother Ben Affleck's Wedding!


Casey Affleck is a busy guy — that’s why you didn’t see him at his big brother Ben Affleck‘s wedding, OK?!

As we’ve been reporting, many people are taking note of the fact that the Manchester by the Sea star was AWOL from Ben’s amazing nuptials to wife Jennifer Lopez down in Savannah, Georgia on Saturday evening.

Late on Sunday evening, the 47-year-old film star took to Instagram to welcome Lopez into the Affleck family with a sweet, touching post. Evidence also indicated that Casey had some family stuff to take care of over the weekend — a soccer game for 14-year-old son Atticus Affleck, and a leaving-for-college celebration for 18-year-old son Indiana Affleck.

That may be all well and good, but a soccer game over your brother’s wedding?! Kinda weird! Casey’s apparent reasoning wasn’t enough to get fans to stop wondering why he didn’t step out to Savannah to watch the wedding in person. And this new reporting isn’t going to stop fan rumblings and social media chatter, either!

On Monday afternoon, TMZ posted pics of Casey and his girlfriend Caylee Cowan that were taken on Saturday. In the snaps, they can be seen stepping out in El Lay with a trip to Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Shop in the Franklin Village area of Los Feliz. That would have been right around the time Ben and Jen were enjoying their amazing wedding with friends and family. So what gives?!

The juxtaposition is really something. In the pics (which you can see HERE), Casey and Caylee are dressed down as casual as can be. It looks like they are going to grab some ice cream and head home to binge a streaming series or something. (Not that we would know anything about that kind of a lazy Saturday afternoon, of course. LOLz!!!) Meanwhile, a few thousand miles away, Ben and Jen were hosting an all-white shindig at his expansive Georgia property that immediately be recognized as one of the swankiest weddings of the year. One of these things is not like the other!

Of course, Casey is not the only no-show we’ve been tracking over the last couple days. Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner made her presence known this weekend… at a Sam’s Club in South Charleston, West Virginia. And J.Lo’s pal Leah Remini opted out of the wedding and used a very similar line of thinking to what Casey apparently went through with his fam-bam.

So what gives?? Did these people just not own anything all-white?! Ha!!

What do U really think is going on here, Perezcious readers?! Family drama or what??

Sound OFF with your take on this bizarre situation down in the comments (below)…

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