Blueface Defends Posting Son's Genitals, Says Chrisean Won't Schedule Surgery

Blueface Defends Posting Son's Genitals, Says Chrisean Won't Schedule Surgery


Chrisean rock and blueface

Blueface may have successfully destroyed any bit of public goodwill he had in his custody fight with Chrisean Rock … posting a pic of their son’s unhealthy genitals in an effort to prove his point — but he’s sticking to his guns.

On Sunday, Blueface shocked and angered onlookers online by uploading the graphic pic on social media with a complaint … “This what my son d**k look like an she worried about me an lil baby c*** like bih get our son c*** right then do what you want.”

We blurred the pic for obvious reasons, but Blue’s defense is their still weeks-old son was suffering from a hernia but Chrisean still hadn’t scheduled the necessary surgery to correct the condition.

Fans were split over Blueface’s lack of family discretion … one fan noted Chrisean’s behavior during pregnancy may have pre-doomed the entire situation while Blueface even challenged another who questioned his parenting skills.

Wack 100 On Blueface/Chrisean's Baby

Others still want CPS to intervene … which pretty much mirrors the thoughts of Blue’s manager Wack 100, who demands the child return to the hospital so it can get the proper care.

Blue and Chrisean have been at each other’s throats since the baby’s birth … last week Chrisean admitted fault for not cradling his head properly while shopping at Walmart, much to Blue’s disappointment.

He doesn’t think she’s serious about raising the child but until something’s done, the lil tyke will be the main one suffering.

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