Avril Lavigne Meets Up with Mod Sun for Dinner in West Hollywood

Avril Lavigne Meets Up with Mod Sun for Dinner in West Hollywood


Avril Lavigne is hanging out with new collaborator Mod Sun!

The 36-year-old “Complicated” singer and the 33-year-old musician met up for dinner at BOA Steakhouse on Thursday night (February 4) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Avril kept things comfy and casual in a black hoodie and leggings while Mod showed off his green hair while wearing a skin-tight gray shirt and black leather pants for their night out.

If you didn’t know, Avril and Mod recently teamed up for the new song “Flames,” which was released last month.

In a new interview, Mod gushed about working with Avril on the track after being introduced by mutual friend Machine Gun Kelly.

“[It was] magic, pure magic. We linked up through talking and just talking about music – she’s such a music lover, she keeps her ear to what’s happening now and she caught wind of my music through my brother Machine Gun Kelly,” Mod shared with Metro.co.uk.

“[Avril] came into the studio and that was pretty much her first take vocal, was what you hear – she’s that good,” Mod shared. “It brought a whole side to the song… I always felt like ‘Flames’ wasn’t finished without her on it anyway, I felt like it just wasn’t done and I felt like it wasn’t ‘the’ song.”

Mod continued, “All of a sudden she comes through and I understood the song better after she sang it. I understood why this is a great song. Sometimes as an artist you don’t really know… it’s really hard to be like ‘This is the song that’s gonna make it, or this is the song that’s gonna blow up.’ You might think in your head that you have the idea of what’s gonna work every time, but most of the time you have no idea what you’re making when you’re making it.”

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