Ashley Massaro Committed Suicide by Hanging, Sources Confirm

Ashley Massaro Committed Suicide by Hanging, Sources Confirm


Ashley Massaro, the former WWE Superstar and Survivor: China contestant who died late last week at the age of 39, ended her own life via hanging.

So states a new report from TMZ.

The celebrity gossip website quotes “multiple sources” who say Massaro was discovered unconscious inside of her Suffolk County, New York home early Thursday morning.

After the ex-grappler and reality star failed to show up for work at a local radio station, concerns apparently grew over her whereabouts and a call was eventually placed to 911.

Massaro was then transported to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

When the tragic news of Massaro’s death first went publicm, her cause of death was unknown.

A close friend then confirmed that Ashley committed suicide.

And now we know the means by which she did so.

Massaro won the first-ever WWE Diva Search and competed as a member of this company from 2005 through 2008.

She even wrestled in a pair of Wrestlemanias, the organization’s most publicized and popular annual event.

“We are saddened to learn of the tragic death of former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro,” a WWE statement read five days ago.

It added:

“She performed in WWE from 2005-2008 and was beloved by her fellow Superstars and fans around the world. WWE offers its condolences to Ashley’s family and friends.”

Massaro was also a cast member on Survivor in 2007 and was voted off on that season’s second episode.

Prior to her suicide, Massaro had been part of a class action lawsuit against the WWE in which five dozen wrestlers accused the company of failing to protect its employees from repeated head trauma and concussions that eventually caused long-term brain damage.

According to an affidavit Massaro signed in 2017, Ashley was knocked out cold for “five minutes” on one occasion and told to “brush it off” by higher-ups.

Massaro alleged to have “sustained multiple concussions” throughout her wrestling career, along with “hairline fracture in my spine and sustained numerous back injuries.”

She was “ultimately diagnosed with herniated discs in C4 and C5 of my vertebrae” and wrote the following two years ago:

“Aside from my on-going physical injuries that were sustained in the ring, and my former battle with addiction, to this day I suffer from depression, for which I take medication; migraine headaches; and severe short-term memory loss.”

We don’t wish to speculate, but it sounds very likely that the pain Massaro was in on a constant basis at least contributed to her decision to take her own life.

One of Massaro’s attorneys has revealed that the former professional wrestler’s brain might be donated to Dr. Bennet Omalu so that it can be researched and the affects of her wrestling career can be analyzed.

Ashley leaves behind an 18-year old daughter named Alex.

In the wake of her mother’s passing, Massaro shared two throwback photos and wrote as an emotional caption to one of them:

“i love you mommy i want to wake up in your arms more than anything i want to give u a big hug please come back this cant be real.”

This is just so very sad.

“I can’t even begin to explain how devastated I am to hear about [Ashley Massaro] – legit one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known,” wrote fellow ex-wrestler Torrie Wilson in a statement of her own/

She concluded last week:

“When we fall into a dark place it can seem like it will never change but if you are there PLEASE keep hope & reach out for help.”

Well said.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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