A fall table runner, a garbage disposal cleaner & a way to sneak medicine into pet food

A fall table runner, a garbage disposal cleaner & a way to sneak medicine into pet food


From CB: I ordered the Amazon essentials lightweight packable long sleeve jacket we featured in the Oprah’s Favorite Things post. I got it in gray and it’s coming in a couple of days, I’m excited. I really need a jacket to wear while hiking when it’s cold. I have been using just the same Scrub Mommy scrubber since we featured it over a month ago. It doesn’t smell bad at all and lasts so much longer than a regular sponge. Plus it scrubs better without leaving any lint behind. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at.

A stylish wrap coat for fall and winter

From CB: This wrap coat by Chicwish comes in 8 different colors and patterns, including different plaids and a windowpane plaid. It has over 4,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and an A on Fakespot. It isn’t the cheapest but it’s under $95 and is competitively priced for a coat. Women say it’s warm, fashionable and that they get compliments on it. “I absolutely love this Coat, it is very warm you can definitely wear it all winter. The colors are exactly like the picture it fit perfect! I am very happy with this purchase!” “I purchased the mauve/goldenrod check, and received it today. The fabric is beautiful and the wool content is high enough that this coat does not look cheap…looks like 100% wool, but is lightweight.”

A garbage disposal cleaner to help it run smoother

From CB: I got this stuff at Lowes and I swear my garbage disposal runs better now. This foaming garbage disposal cleaner by Glisten is under $3 for 4 tablets. You put one in your disposal, run a small stream of water and then hit the switch. It foams in the disposal and will come up the other drain if you have a double sink. This has 4.5 stars, over 25,000 ratings and a C on Fakespot. I’m vouching for it though. People say it made their disposal run smoother and that it cleans out weird smells too. “I can literally hear how much easier the disposal spins. I can see the metal which used to be black. The 2nd sink drain I didn’t even know was white until this. It had a layer of brown gunk. Simply amazing, I’m shocked how well this stuff works.” “Each time used, I could immediately hear how much more smoothly the disposal sounded when it finished working. No yucky smells anymore either.”

Empty vegetarian capsules can help you sneak pet medication into food

From CB: My mom has been telling me about her quest to get her older dog to take medication. These empty vegetarian capsules can be useful for sneaking medicine into pet food because they disguise the taste. Some people use them to take bad-tasting oils like CBD or fish oil. (Note that the oil may dissolve the tablets so you’ll want to make those right before you take them.) They can also be used as a more affordable way to create herbal supplements if you take those. You get 100 tablets for $6.99. This is size 1, the medium size. They have smaller and larger capsules available here and there’s a photo that shows the size comparison. These have almost 1,800 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say they work well to give their pets pills. “My service dog was recently prescribed medication. The problem is she hates the taste and has become suspicious of my trying to hide it in her food because she can taste the bitter flavor. She’s gotten pretty good at finding the pill and eating around it. I decided to try these empty vegan capsules to repackage the pills into a tasteless capsule. That did the trick!”

A stainless steel quick-heating iron with automatic shutoff under $30

From CB: Our last iron stopped working and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a new one. I chose this stainless steel iron by Maytag because it had the best reviews and was affordable at under $30. It works great so far and heats up fast too. This iron with automatic shutoff has over 7,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. People rave about how great it is compared to their other irons. “I just really love this iron. It will just shut itself off… but as soon as you pick the iron up to use it again, the light will come on to let you know that it has turned back on. It heats quickly [and] just glides over what you are ironing.” “I did some research before purchasing this maytag and glad I did. This model had the most consistent positive reviews on multiple websites. I’ve used it for quilting and sewing projects going on 6 months now and it’s performed flawlessly. It heats fast, never leaks or drips water and has lots of settings.”

A table runner to help decorate for Thanksgiving

From Hecate: My daughter has criticized the lack of decorations in our home between Halloween and Christmas. Honestly, she’s got a point. I’m more selective with my Thanksgiving decor. I find one item each year I like so it’s a slow build. This year’s acquisition is this pretty table runner. I love how simple it is and that it looks like linen but is polyester and washable. I got the 14×70” Autumn Wheat design for just over $20. There are a few designs and one is reversible. There’s also a 40” x 40” table topper and another version that’s 108” long for $38. This one got 4.7 stars from over 1,100 reviews that ReviewMeta confirmed. Many reviewers were thrilled that the product looked just like the photos online (it does) “Very cheerful and colorful with excellent detail in the pattern. I liked this runner online and love it in person.” People also seemed happy with the designs and the quality of the fabrics, “I love the understated fall colors, and the quality of the material is excellent (really thick).” I agree, the colors are nice. I’m having trouble getting the creases out, though. I used a cool iron so I’ll try a higher temp, but I don’t want to mark it. I might try the steam function on my dryer instead.

A cute sweater dress that comes in so many colors

From Hecate: I was looking at a longer, more expensive version of this dress elsewhere but I can’t justify the price tag. But this one is really cute! And it comes in a lot more colors. Plus it is only $29. It has over 11,000 reviews with 4.3 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. The sizes range from small to XXL. Many customers complimented the fit, “This dress is perfect! It fits like a glove and the tie waist makes your waist look small and covers any stomach you don’t want peeking out of a tighter dress.” One said the fabric was pretty versatile, “The material is great quality. It is thick for a winter dress but could be worn in any season.” There are a lot of customer photos in the comments so you can see how good it looks on.

A bedside organization station would make a great gift

From Hecate: I’m constantly looking for ways to organize my household. Electronics and bedsides seem to be my biggest challenge. Look at how nice this docking station is! This has a place for items like rings, watches and wallets. Plus there’s a ledge for glasses. It comes in light or dark walnut for $40. It also includes a matching coaster. It only has just over 350 reviews so far but it got 4.5 stars and Fakespot gave it a B. Reviewers say it’s high quality, easy to assemble and makes a great gift. “The product itself seems high quality and the hinges were a nice touch to keep it stable,” and that it’s great for college kids, “It’s a really pretty piece of wood, was easy to assemble and easy to use!”

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