11 Cultural Developments These Entrepreneurs Are Excited to See Realized in 2022

11 Cultural Developments These Entrepreneurs Are Excited to See Realized in 2022


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Regardless of a business’s particular niche or industry, there are always exciting developments, innovations or trends on the horizon. As the new year brings a fresh new start, it also brings with it the anticipation many entrepreneurs feel as they look forward to the ideas they hope will become reality in the coming months ahead.

The business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council are no exception to the excitement, and below they each share one development or innovation they’re hoping to see come to fruition in their respective industries in 2022.

More Sustainable Practices in Physical Music Media

In physical music media, I am most excited to see development of sustainable practices. Vinyl record pressing is an inherently pollutive industry, and yet there are ever evolving ways that we can make it more sustainable. I’m excited for the emergence of green vinyl compounds, better recycling practices around PVC and vinyl, as well as an exploration of new materials for physical music media. – Michael Thomas, Kindercore Vinyl

Entertaining and Educational Interactive Experiences

I am excited to see interactive experiences continue to grow in the education and entertainment space. Innovations such as “choose your own adventure” interactive streaming video on demand, augmented reality, virtual reality, gamified experiences and second screen companion apps can increase audience engagement and provide additional revenue streams for studios. – Ashley Deese, AshleyDeese.com

More AI-Based Storytelling Tools

As a writer, I’m especially interested in technologies that will help me research and tell better stories. I’m not at all fearful of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Grammarly has already made me a better writer, and I love Canva for visual storytelling. Embrace the machine! – Nancy A Shenker, theONswitch

Evolved Edible and Drinkable Cannabis Products

As consumers turn to more discreet consumption methods for cannabis, edible and drinkable products continue to gain market share. With innovation as a primary driver, these items are evolving. In 2022, savory edibles will play a pivotal role in expanding the edibles category. Drinkables, such as infused aperitifs and dealcoholized wine will also push the boundaries, bringing a new wave of consumers. – Jamie Evans, The Herb Somm

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Custom, AI-Informed Cannabis Offerings

With the continuing expansion of the cannabis industry, technology will play an important role in consumer adoption for both medical and adult consumption. AI will present more informed and customized offerings for consumers based on their current and future needs, removing barriers to entry and cutting through the clutter of the market. – Michael Klein, Miraculo Inc.

Increasing Interest in the Vegan and Plant-Based Market

I’m personally thrilled and interested in the growth of the vegan and plant-based market. The pandemic inspired many people (myself included) to adopt healthier eating habits and overall lifestyles. Vegan and plant-based products are fading out of being a niche market as more food markets and restaurants include these options on their shelves and menus. – Evan Nison, NisonCo

The Metaverse

I am incredibly excited about the incredible opportunities of the metaverse and the technology around it. It’s going to give creatives the opportunity to reshape the fabric of the digital environment we use to interact. The idea of upgrading reality is unbelievably inspiring. – Andres Palencia, LATV

Tech Accelerating Economic Mobility

In 2022, I’m most excited to see tech continue to accelerate the economic mobility for our beauty and barbering professionals. ShearShare pioneered space-as-a-service for the second largest industry of freelancers and independent contractors, and I can’t wait to see what the market demands next as it reimagines how, when and where to work. – Courtney Caldwell, ShearShare, Inc.

EV-Powered Commercial Fleets

We are in the middle of the largest transformation in transportation since the invention of the Model T! By converting commercial vehicles into electric vehicle-powered fleets, companies are tapping into a wealth of new technologies not possible with carbon-based vehicles. By freeing fleets from fossil fuels, EV is redefining how fleets of the future will move people, transport goods and conduct business. – Lisa McClung, Coda Signature

The Move Toward Digital Art

I’m really excited about the trend toward digital art! The creation of NFTs and the ability to track their provenance and ownership is a huge win for artists and collectors alike. We also love the portability of digital art. – Liza Pruitt, Liza Pruitt Art

Advancements in Automation

In 2022, I’m excited about automation making a major leap forward. In the investments industry, I’d love to see automation streamline the process of deploying and vaulting precious metals and other investment-grade commodities. As of now, it’s a labor-intensive process that is vulnerable to human error. An automated shipping, matching and vaulting process would solve major liability issues. – Tyler Gallagher, Team 33

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