Yara Shahidi Wore Beaded Braided Bangs & It’s The Hair Inspo You Never Knew You Needed

Yara Shahidi Wore Beaded Braided Bangs & It’s The Hair Inspo You Never Knew You Needed


There are some celebrities who use their platform to raise awareness, all while remaining a style icon to watch. Serving fans political advice in an Instagram video, Yara Shahidi wore beaded braid bangs. The beaded hairstyle is so cute, it’s basically a low-key flex on those hideous barrettes your mom forced on you as a kid.

Shahidi has always encouraged her large following to get politically involved, and she doesn’t have plans of piping down soon. The Grown-ish actor uploaded a video to her Instagram page, urging fans and peers alike to watch the Democratic Party debates on July 30 and 31.

In the video, Shahidi is up close and personal with her front-facing camera, allowing her beaded (and braided) tendrils fall to the sides, framing her face. The star also rocked four more braids that were looped and beaded, creating her own form of braided bangs. Although Shahidi was digging the braids, she kept a good portion of her natural curls out of the protective style and in an updo.

The actor let her hair do the talking as Shahidi kept her makeup fairly sublte, save for her massive wispy lashes. Surly this look was no small feat for whoever created it (Shahidi didn’t share any deets on who did her braids) but the work put in totally paid off.

Shahidi’s intricate braid styles are as common as her push for political awareness. The Grown-ish star has been pushing the boundaries of what braids and natural can really do over the last few years alone.

"#endless," Shahidi wrote in the caption of this post with floor-length braids. "May your braids represent your possibilities." The actor attributed this long piece of hair art to celebrity hair artist Nai’vasha for this incredible look.

Shahidi has also come to serve with a hot platter of braid styles in honor of her events. The young star attended the CFDA Awards back in June when she shared another Instagram video of what looks like regular cornrows at first glance — until you see the back. While Shahidi’s baby hairs were slayed and laid, her hair in the back was woven into a massive braid structure that’s an actual work of art.

Responsible for the art piece sitting in the back of her head is self-proclaimed "hair MacGyver" Nikki Nelms, who’s known for incredible woven looks like these.

However, out of all the braided hair artistry that’s burst out of Shahidi’s scalp, this look she wore to a BTS concert is the closest style to the one she shared in her political awareness Instagram post.

Shahidi didn’t announce who made this cute eccentric braided look, but its literally a fusion of the star’s tendrils and bangs. Shahidi left most of her natural hair undone, but turned the hair framing her face into braided loops. It’s simple, sweet, but super unique.

As a voice for young Black and brown women, Shahidi understands the importance of representation in the hair industry. But with the way Yara’s stunted so far, she’s flipped and reversed how to rock braids for the summer.

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