Watch Leyna Bloom’s Nighttime Skincare Routine

Watch Leyna Bloom’s Nighttime Skincare Routine


Actress, model and trans activist Leyna Bloom has been making waves in the film and fashion industry—and she’s just getting started. Leyna has walked in shows during both New York and Paris Fashion Week and was featured in the H&M x Moschino 2019 campaign. Her debut in the film Port Authority at Cannes International Film Festival was the first time a transgender woman of color has starred in a lead role in the festival’s history. In this episode of #GoToBedWithMe, Leyna spills her secrets to keeping her skin moisturized and glowy.

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Bloom starts her routine with an exfoliating face wash from Proactiv, then moves on to a spot acne treatment from the brand when she feels like she has more breakouts than usual. “Hopefully in the next two days, they’re gone. We all deal with acne and problems, and it is what it is,” she says.

Next, she moves on to the RMS Beauty Oil. “It gives my face like this very refreshing feel. I do the t-area and, you don’t really need that much, and then I just rub it in to my skin,” she says. Then she uses an oil with a jade roller. “I have amazing structure and I want to make sure my structure stays there. It takes everything and it just pushes it to the gods,” she says. She also uses two Gua Sha face tools to help de-puff and contour. “In the morning time I freeze them overnight and I go in in the morning,” Bloom adds.

For her body, she creates a cocktail of & Other Stories body moisturizer, Dove gradual self-tanner (from the UK), and the peony oil and smooths it all over her arms and legs. “For women of color, it’s important that we keep our bodies really moisturized,” she says.

She also shows her hair some love before going to bed. Bloom applies a few dots of Tresemme’s shine serum starting at the back of her hair and then working it from ends-to-roots. “With this, your hair is locked and loaded for the next day and your straight hair looks ready and fresh and you can go to bed,” she says.

Her final step is a smear of Carmex lip balm to keep her lips hydrated and smooth overnight. “A lot of my stuff you can get at your local pharmacy. Y0u can get it anywhere. Look, I am loyal to these products and they’re loyal to me,” she says.

Filmed at the Times Square Edition.

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