Watch Brian Shaw Casually Shoulder Press 150-Pound Dumbbells

Watch Brian Shaw Casually Shoulder Press 150-Pound Dumbbells


Four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw has continued to train while in quarantine, which means that the world has been blessed with plenty of footage of a giant, strong dude pulling off ridiculous physical feats. Most recently, he did a truck pull of his 8,000 pound Dodge RAM truck up his inclined driveway. And before that, he had a 450-pound, 40 rep bench press marathon, deadlifted a car, and challenged his wife to a home workout challenge.

Shaw’s most recent workout was a little tamer than some that came before, at least for him. He’s headed back into his home gym for a killer shoulder workout with his lifting partner Tyler Stickle. A normal strong guy might expect to barely brush triple digits on a seated dumbbell press—Shaw worked up to a buck fifty, with little problem.

The guys started with the shoulder presses, with Shaw quickly moving his way up to using 150 pound dumbbells for 6 reps.

“A lot of weight to get up there,” says Stickle.

“I’m trying to think back, it’s been a long time since I’ve hit that kind of number on a seated dumbbell press,” says Shaw. “It’s good!”

Next, he moved to a close grip bench press, adding 60 pounds of chains for variable resistance to 365 pounds of plates to work at over 400 pounds.

“We’ve been using this as an accessory movement to build up my bench press power, and I feel like it’s carrying over for sure,” Shaw says.

The pair finished up the training session with a triceps ladder competition.

“It’s like an inverted skull crusher,” says Shaw, who planned to do as many reps as possible to failure at each level of the ladder, with a goal of 100 reps. Whoever reaches it first is the winner. And Shaw takes it, repping 101.

As the guys finish up, they flex their muscles in the mirror, joking their poses are ready for a bodybuilding competition.

“I’m a few weeks out. Just put a spray tan and I’ll get a little dehydrated like Eddie Hall, and I’ll be good!” says Shaw.

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