Upgrade your bath time with these cosy winter candles

Upgrade your bath time with these cosy winter candles


Candles are an easy way to make your home feel more relaxing. Here, we round up the best winter candles to light this season.

If we had to associate just one word with winter, it would be ‘cosy’. This time of the year gives us the perfect excuse to throw on our fluffy The White Company robes, pull on some warm fuzzy socks and nestle down for some wholesome Sister Sister viewing under a blanket.

To help create the perfect relaxing ambience at home, we often reach for a candle. From the gorgeous scents that gently waft through the room to the calming glow of a candle flame, they’re the perfect addition to any home set-up.

So, we’ve rounded up our favourite winter candles to help you embrace the cosy season. From one that smells like a rose garden after a rainstorm to one that has no scent at all, here are our favourites…

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  • Molton Brown Milk Musk Single Wick Candle

    Mixing the nostalgic and calming smell of milk with soft musk, juicy pear and chocolatey tonka bean, this candle fills the room with a warm, comforting scent from the moment it’s lit.

    Molton Brown Milk Musk Single Wick Candle, £42

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  • D.S. & Durga Big Sur After Rain Candle

    This candle was inspired by the Californian costal stretch right after a rainstorm. Notes of magnolia and eucalyptus re-create the crisp and refreshing scent of soaked mountainous terrain.

    D.S. & Durga Big Sur After Rain Candle, £54

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  • Okiki Nana Efua Neneh Candle

    A tribute to the brand’s Ghanaian heritage, this candle is named after the Ghanaian meaning of ‘female born on a Friday’. It’s handmade and contains notes of warm chocolate, mandarin and bergamot but the best bit? The crackling wick creates the soft, relaxing sound of a crackling fireplace – perfect for a night in.

    Okiki Nana Efua Neneh Candle, £25

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  • Byredo Chai Candle

    One of Byredo’s bestsellers, this candle is inspired by the traditional tea rituals carried out in India. It smells like warmed milk and black tea, thanks to notes of ginger zest, clove buds, cardamom, violet and incense. If you like masala chai (and who doesn’t?), this is one for you.

    Byredo Chai Candle, £59

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  • The White Company Winter Signature Candle

    Ever since it was created 21 years ago, The White Company’s Winter scent has been one of the brand’s bestselling and most iconic scents. Conjuring memories of everything you associate with this time of the year, it contains scents of cinnamon, clove and orange.

    The White Company Winter Signature Candle, £20

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  • Anya Hindmarch Smells Coffee

    Right now, some of the most comforting moments come in the form of those everyday rituals that help to form a part of our routine. For us, that’s a freshly brewed cup of coffee, which just so happens to be the inspiration behind this candle. It contains notes of galbanum from Iran, cardamom from India, vetiver, patchouli, Virginian cedar wood, tonka bean, frankincense and amber. Dreamy.

    Anya Hindmarch Smells Coffee, £50

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  • Clean Reserve Fresh Linens Candle

    Hinted in the name, this natural-soy blend wax was made to evoke memories of lazy weekend mornings sleeping in late and staying tucked inside fresh, soft linens. Plus, in-line with Clean Reserve’s commitment to minimising their environmental impact, it’s made from sustainable ingredients.

    Clean Reserve Fresh Linens Candle, £44

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  • Chase and Wonder The Library Scented Travel Candle

    An olfactory treat for any book lover, this vegetable and soy wax candle contains notes of rich wood, amber, pink pepper and pomegranate and recreates the familiar scent of mahogany shelves and leather bound books.

    Chase and Wonder The Library Scented Travel Candle, £16

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  • Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle

    You may recognise this cult candle from numerous Instagram shelfies. It contains a blend of lemon, orange, fig, pepper, oakmoss, sadalwood, amber and patchouli notes that form a refreshing and relaxing herbaceous scent.

    Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle, £42

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  • Loaf Laundry Days Smelly Wax Candle

    Love the smell of freshly washed clothes? Now you can fill your home with that exact scent. This candle smells like fresh cotton and laundry powder and is the perfect addition to a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Loaf Laundry Days Smelly Wax Candle, £40

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  • Affirmation Culture Solo Candle

    For some, lighting a candle is more about the relaxing flicker of a flame and the gentle light it provides, which is where this scent-free Affirmation Culture candle comes in. Whether you have allergies, sensitivities or just want to enjoy the calming effects of candle light on its own, this candle is for you.

    Affirmation Culture Solo Candle, £25

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  • Overose Nudesse Scented Candle

    Not only does this candle look great on your coffee table, it smells incredible, too. It’s inspired by the gentle and soothing fragrance of a rose garden after the rain and helps bring the outdoors inside.

    Overose Nudesse Scented Candle, £46

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  • Jo Loves Log Fire

    Notes of smoky wood and Lapsang Souchong tea combine to invoke memories of sitting by a roaring log fire. Once lit, the candle’s scent fills the room quickly without becoming too overpowering.

    Jo Loves Log Fire, £55

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