TikTokers Are Using Eyelash Glue to Keep Fringes in Place

TikTokers Are Using Eyelash Glue to Keep Fringes in Place


Reply to @bbylavendar it was so windy so the rest of my hair was blowing everywhere but the fringe stayed down! #kisslashglue #hairtutorial #hairhack #gluedownbangs

TikTok is a haven for beauty hacks. From the easiest smoky-eye look we’ve seen to the lip gloss party trick, the social media app has provided us with a multitude of quick-fix beauty trends — although not all are created equal. There’s been some weird, wonderful, and shocking advice going viral, too. The latest? Using eyelash glue to keep bangs in the perfect position.

We’ve all been there: blowdrying our hair expertly, only to step outside the house and have the wind ruin all our hard work. But we weren’t expecting people on TikTok to take matters into their own hands in a bid to defy the elements.

While bangs of all types are in this season, people have been sticking down their wispy, blunt, and curtain bangs using the glue usually reserved for fake eyelashes. Whether it’s the weather, intense gym workouts, or power naps (hey, we’re not here to judge how you spend your day), there’s no longer a hair out of place. But is this really a hack worth adopting? Before you jump on the bandwagon, we spoke to the experts to see what they have to say about using eyelash glue to keep your hair in place.

Should You Use Eyelash Glue to Keep Your Fringe in Place?

While bangs can frame a face, complement features, and are generally a trend-worthy addition to a hairstyle, keeping them in place can be a challenge. Celebrity hairstylist and Jerome Russell Bblonde brand educator, Jason Collier, believes that gluing them to your forehead isn’t the worst idea. “After styling your fringe for ages, the last thing you want to compete with is windswept hair that blows your gorgeous tresses out of shape and style,” Collier tells POPSUGAR.

While the hack might be new to TikTok, it’s actually been a trick on the red carpet for years. Think of all the times you’ve seen celebrities looking just as glamorous as ever in all matters of weather conditions. The chances are, there’s been a little extra help in the hair placement department.

“Using lash glue on the hair is very common and is something that has been used for adhering jewels into the hair, think Alicia Keys at the Met Gala,” Collier says. “Clear lash glue is, of course, the best option for this hack as it won’t leave any color pigment on brows or skin. Just ensure you’re using the thin brush applicator to precisely apply a small amount of glue to where you need it.”

But before you grab the lash glue and go to town, it’s important to be gentle, so you don’t find yourself ripping your fringe out once you’re done with your stay-put style. “Pressing too hard can lead to a more exhaustive removal which can weaken hair strands and cause breakage,” Collier warns us, before adding that it’s important to “remove all traces of glue from your hair as it can harden and create build-up that will be extremely difficult to get rid of in your next hair wash”.

Is Eyelash Glue Safe for Skin?

Dermatologist and Magnitone brand ambassador Emma Colman believes the trend is safe for occasional use, as eyelash glue is used on the skin of the eyelids, but it’s not something that should become part of your daily routine. “Eyelash glue is designed for use on the skin, so in theory is safe,” she says. “However, I would not recommend using this method if you have sensitive skin or active acne on the forehead. Additionally, over-application or repeated application of the glue could lead to a gunky residue on the forehead at the end of the day.”

There’s also the issue of the glue irritating skin, which will ultimately lead to more issues. Skin-care formulator and founder of Skin Masterclass, Cigdem Kemal Yilmaz, says, “Users may experience redness, contact dermatitis, or an allergic reaction if used on skin, and the lash glue can also block pores and hair follicles.” For that reason, Yilmaz doesn’t recommend the hack.

Tips For Keeping Your Bangs in Place

While some hair movement is inevitable, there are other, glue-less ways to help keep your bangs in place. Always blowdry your fringe out of the shower, as letting them air-dry can give them a mind of its own. Pair your blowdryer with a round brush, and you’re golden.

If you’re not confident in your blowout abilities, then once your hair is dry, you can use a straightener to get your desired look. Finish it off with a little hairspray and you’re good to go. Or, if you’ve got curtain bangs, then 2023 is the perfect time to experiment with hair accessories. Clips and barrettes can keep the wind from sweeping your hair in different directions.

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