The Unlikely Product Behind Machine Gun Kelly's Holographic Nails

The Unlikely Product Behind Machine Gun Kelly's Holographic Nails


Image Source: Getty/Arturo Holmes / Staff
Machine Gun Kelly is once again providing some serious nail envy. The musician stepped out for a night on the town with his fiancé Megan Fox, and his holographic nails were an ode to the ’70s.

In an Instagram carousel with the caption, “70’s disco porn ????,” you can see Kelly’s nails were kept at a short length in a rounded-square shape and painted with a sparkling purple color. As it turns out, however, the finished product wasn’t actually created with nail polish at all.

Celebrity nail artist Brittany Boyce posted a behind-the-scenes look on her Instagram stories at the products she used for his manicure, which started as a bright lime green color. Then, Boyce topped it off with the MAC Cosmetics’s 3D Lavender Glitter ($23) to give it the purple-holographic effect. Similar to the glazed-donut-nail technique made popular by Hailey Bieber, Boyce took the glitter and gently tapped it onto Kelly’s nail, which helped maintain the integrity of the glitter and give it a cohesive sparkle.

Kelly and Fox are known for experimenting with their nail looks. One of their most notable manicures came in 2021 when the couple arrived at the launch party for Kelly’s nail polish line, UN/DN LAQR, with their pinky nails linked together by a long silver chain. While Kelly is likely to give some more nail inspiration in the near future, for now, take a look at his current nails below.

Image Source: Instagram user @nails_of_la

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