The DIY Facial Spray That Cindy Crawford Swears By

The DIY Facial Spray That Cindy Crawford Swears By


DIY facials are all the rave right now. According to Good Housekeeping, facials are everyone’s go-to self-care method. But with your favorite esthetician unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions, it’s up to you to give yourself a spa-quality facial. Luckily, there are easy DIY facials that leave your face smooth and fresh.

One easy-to-do DIY facial is the one supermodel Cindy Crawford is said to use regularly. Crawford believes spending money on quality skin care products is a must. Forget high-end makeup products, skincare needs you to be your priority. In a July 2020 interview, she told Byrdie, “You can get a less expensive mascara, you can get a less expensive lip gloss or nail polish, but anything that’s actually on your skin is worth investing in.”

Crawford’s DIY facial spray, per PopSugar, simply combines milk and water in a spray bottle, making it convenient for her to mist her face throughout the day.

How to give yourself a DIY facial

Cindy Crawford’s DIY facial spray of milk and water can easily become part of your DIY facial routine, which typically involves a handful of steps. To start, Byrdie emphasizes getting the right products for your face’s skin type. If your skin is oily, dry, or a combo, make sure you have the right products to properly treat your skin’s needs. As for the facial itself, the outlet outlines a seven-step roadmap: cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extract, mask/treatment, tone, and moisturize. Similarly, experts speaking to Allure condensed their DIY facial to five steps: double cleanse, exfoliate, face mask, steam, moisturize and massage.

Note that both DIY facials include a step for “steam,” that would be a facial steam. Per StyleCaster, the only difference between a professional facial steam and one done at home is the strength and duration of the steam. Athena Hewett, aesthetician and founder of Monastery Skin Care, told the outlet, a facial steam is simply “the practice of surrounding the face with steam.” This facial step helps to open up the pores in the face and also increase circulation, leading to a “glow.”

That glow sounds a lot like what Cindy Crawford achieves with her DIY facial spray. In fact, such a spray could probably be tacked on to the above DIY facials as a final step, post-cleanse. On skincare routines in general? Crawford told Byrdie, “It’s never too early, and never too late, to start taking care of your skin.”

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