Exclusive: Brittny Ward reveals Jenson Button’s emotional reaction to finding out she was pregnant

Exclusive: Brittny Ward reveals Jenson Button’s emotional reaction to finding out she was pregnant


Brittny Ward, the fiancée of Formula 1 champion Jenson Button has spoken for the first time about how he will be the most 'amazing dad' to their baby boy, who is due next month. "This baby is going to be a very lucky boy," she adds to HELLO!. "Jenson is just really ready to be a father. Some men just do it because they think it’s what they should do in life but he really does want it. I think he is going to be the most amazing dad." Model Brittny also reveals how emotional Jenson was when she told him she was pregnant with the couple’s first child. "Jenson was away when I found out, and I wanted to tell him face-to face so I waited until he returned home," she revealed. "It was so hard to not say anything on the phone but I thought it was more special to do it in person. I gave him a little gift box with the test in it and he started crying. It was a very sweet moment. It was exactly what you would want the father of your future child to do."

Brittny Ward is expecting a baby boy with Jenson Button

 In the interview, she also talks about how the British-born racing driver proposed during a weekend in Malibu to celebrate her birthday. "We had talked about getting married one day but I definitely wasn’t expecting him to propose on that day. We were having a few drinks on the overlooking the ocean. I never take pictures but for some reason I wanted to right at that moment and I didn’t realise he was getting ready to propose. He was really nervous and told me to put my phone down and then he went down on two knees and asked me to marry him. I was very, very shocked, it was totally unexpected." 

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And she also says that, when they were first introduced by mutual friends in Los Angeles – where they both now live together – she had no idea who he was. "I had no idea what he did for a living or even what Formula 1 was; I think it was kind of refreshing, the fact I had no idea who he was made it different for him. He could just be himself and not have to worry." The couple waited a month to go on their first date, instead meeting up initially with groups of friends. "It was always very natural and easy. We fell in love very, very quickly and after the third date we just knew this was it and this was the person we wanted to be with."

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