15 Celebs Doing Activities To Workout: Bella Hadid Boxing, Selena Gomez At Pilates & More

15 Celebs Doing Activities To Workout: Bella Hadid Boxing, Selena Gomez At Pilates & More


Staying in shape isn’t easy, and many celebs like to change up their workout routines to keep things interesting. From Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber and more, check out stars indulging in various exercise activities here!

There are plenty of ways to get in shape, and they don’t all involve boring walks on the treadmill! As many people fight to keep their New Year’s resolution of staying in shape, we’ve rounded up some inspirational pics of stars indulging in fun activities to exercise. Bella Hadid has shown off her love for burgers and fries on social media, but she still makes sure to keep up her toned, model figure by working out. One of her preferred workout activities appears to be boxing, as she’s been photographed hitting the boxing gym. Her sister, Gigi Hadid, has also joined her in the high-energy workout routine.

As for Selena Gomez — she’s a lover of pilates and yoga! Those activities might not require you to move as much, but they still definitely result in breaking a sweat. Sel has been photographed leaving the pilates studio with her hair soaked in sweat, while also stripped out of her t-shirt to keep cool. Another popular activity for stars is hiking. We’ve seen everyone from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift and more going on hikes in their workout gear. One time, Justin was even photographed going on a run in the middle of his trek, adding even more cardio to the routine!

Then there’s Liam Hemsworth, who loves getting out on the water to surf. Since surfing is one of his favorite hobbies, it likely doesn’t even feel like a workout to the actor, but there’s definitely lots of unused muscles being put to work on the surfboard!

There are plenty of other examples, too! Click through the gallery above to check out these stars and more who have used fun activities to keep their workouts interesting.

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